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Rikki Moss

I BELIEVE…Hair holds energy and is a vital fabric of self expression. The right cut can catalyze change within you and help you to embody your most authentic self. Hair has no gender. Attitude and confidence are significantly more important factors for determining the right cut for you. Quality takes time and rushing art will not produce desirable results. Life is too short to be stuck in a hairstyle that doesn’t evoke confidence.


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We will consult to help me understand your goals for our time together. Once I have an understanding of the direction we are going in and we have agreed on a shape and length the cut begins. Throughout your appointment I will educate you on how to care for and style your hair to encourage your natural texture. I explain the steps of the styling process as well as present to you my best methods of practice for home care. After the initial dry cut we will wash and condition your hair. While the conditioner soaks in you will receive a scalp massage. Your hair will be styled honoring and encouraging your natural texture. Once styled we will review how everything is playing together and make any necessary adjustments.

My appointments are scheduled by time. New clients and those who have not seen me in over 6 months should text photos of your current hair, front and back, to (734)678-6652 along with a brief description of what you have in mind. This way I can determine your texture, density, and length to appropriately recommend how much time we will need together. Consultation appointments are only necessary if you are not ready to cut your hair and would like to meet and conceptualize before we make a plan on what direction you are moving in with your hair. My sessions are priced at $140/hr.

Show up to your appointment with your hair down, clean (washed within the last 2 days), dry, de-tangled, and natural. Styling products are fine so long as it is not difficult to work my hands and comb through. Arriving with protective styles or other manipulations to your natural texture, or tangled hair will extend your appointment time.

WHAT LEAD ME HERE…I was frequently other-ed because of my hair texture. At a young age I was taught that I had no autonomy over my appearance when my parents refused to let me have my hair cropped like my brothers. From this I also learned how oppressive allegiance to the gender binary is. I started cutting my own hair around age 10 because stylists were always openly overwhelmed and confused by my hair texture and my desire to wear a “boy’s cut”. I felt at home cropping my hair shorter and shorter as the years passed and I never let go of my dream to work behind the chair professionally. When I made the leap of faith and began cosmetology school there still wasn’t much in the way of education for anything besides straight hair and straight people. Fortunately, in my years behind the chair, I have found a bit more education targeted towards the whole spectrum of textures. I have gone on a long personal journey to deconstruct programming of the binary. Since I made the choice in 2014 to pursue my professional dreams I have found real magic in chasing every dream that I realize. As a queer trans person with minimal representation in pop culture I feel passionately about living loudly and beaming my light to signal how powerful it is to unlearn all of societies expectations. My ultimate goal is for my clients to feel at home in their texture, at home in their gender expression and at home in my chair.

OUTSIDE THE SALON…I have many hobbies but my first love is resting and appreciating any one of my four cats. When I am lucky enough to have energy I can be found gardening, foraging, painting, dancing, reading, or cooking.

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