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Randall Stephan


I BELIEVE.. Being a hair artist is so much more than what is on the surface. Caring for yourself is at the core of what I do. I love bathing and hair brushing; I relish in a good skin care routine and cleaning and shaping my natural nails. All these acts are a way to gently care for myself when the world may not have the kind of patience that every human deserves. My story heavily impacts how I view this industry and what my intentions are. I chose this industry because I am always seeking connection and understanding and when we set our egos aside we can learn so much about ourselves and each other.

APPOINTMENT INFO AND HOW TO ARRIVE… Please arrive 5 - 10 min early for your appointment so you can receive the full experience and no one feels rushed. Please come with clean lightly styled hair as you would wear it day to day. Hair that is excessively tangled or has product build up could impact the timing of your session. Our space is unique and we value tranquility.  You will notice immediately the hustle is not part of our culture. Silent appointments are available apon request. I book by session when I do color services and require a consultation for all new color clients to see which session would be best for you. I will always give myself more time when I'm working with a new client I haven't seen before. You can book through our salon phone number or you can contact me through my IG


WHAT LEAD ME HERE… Beauty was a heavy influence in my life. I grew up with a mother who was a cosmetologist and other family members in the industry who were successful salon owners or platform artists. To say I was destined for it is an understatement! I started my cos journey in 2010 when I finally enrolled in a private school named L'Esprit Academy. From there I had a short assisting position before I quickly outgrew that and was ready to make my own name. I choose Ann Arbor to lay some roots down in. Starting in my first salon was amazing and terrifying but little did I know the journey I would embark on. I'm curious by nature and I question everything, some of that might be trauma related but either way I always ask questions when I feel that something is wrong. Well, not everyone likes the person that digs in places no one wants dug up. Over the years I've learned a lot about the not so pretty side of the beauty industry: from the toxic chemicals in our products to the toxic mindsets and behaviors that happen in some salon settings. I have, over the years, fallen into the category of disruptor. I've worked in over 10 salons. I have owned 3 of my own suites. I have created education programs that try and break down the toxic and dated ideas that hold back so many stylists and salon owners from achieving what they want. It hasn't made me the favorite but it has kept me honest and I'd rather be honest than liked by everyone.


Currently, I am establishing myself in the Ypsilanti area. I'm so excited to be on the Betty Green team because I feel like I finally found my club of disruptors. I'm rebuilding and re-branding myself to finally be able to express who I really am. I'm so thankful to have found such a safe and supportive space to do this in. I'm a Scorpio, so by nature I'm always trying to transform, understand and connect. I also have an insane bullshit meter and it just hasn't been ringing bells since I joined the team in August. The work I love to do most is editorial. I love story telling and writing and I love photography so to be able to create a story through an image that ignites a feeling is always my fav. When I'm not on set I love working behind the chair to create transformations. I love meeting new clients that have not had a haircut in two years. I love when a guest finally has the courage to try out a new fun color or just wants to try color for the first time!! And I do like to do kids' hair! I know, shocker, because you hear the opposite all the time. Our kids are our future. If I can help them find a cool haircut they love and encourage their authentic selves then I am happy to be a part of their hair journey. They are just little people who need some help learning the world, just like the rest of us.



OUTSIDE THE SHOP... I like to spend my time in my garden, making herbal remedies like teas and salves, hiking with my dog Eos on the trails and steaming in the bathhouse.

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