At BG our certified organic products and awesome technical skills will enhance your natural beauty to make you feel like rock-star you, without the hair hangover. Like all true Betties, not only do we rock-n-roll, we do it responsibly, with mindfulness to your hair's structural integrity and to our planet. We are devoted to continually educating ourselves and to pass that knowledge on to you.

Fundamentals of BG


We promise our guests respect for both the integrity of their hair and the integrity of their person, skill, knowledge and reasonably priced, organic and natural products and services.

We promise our employees a safe, supportive working environment, continuing education to keep them excited about our industry, opportunities to grow their business and showcase their art.

We promise our environment to recycle, to responsibly use what it provides us and use products that are formulated and sourced with health and sustainability in mind.

We promise our community our support, whether it be through shopping locally, donations to local charities or volunteering our time to worthy local causes, to uplift our local economy and maintain a beautiful business inside and out.