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Betsy Rossman

I BELIEVE... One of the most important love languages is "words of affirmation". They go a long way to boost your mood and make you smile. It warms your heart and can be a contagious way to pay it forward. One of my first tattoo is on the back of my shoulder and reads “you are beautiful”, that way when people are standing behind me, they are reading that to themselves.



Please come with clean hair to have a canvas that isn’t overly oil so I can have a consistent canvas to color on. When the hair has too much product and natural oils on it, it creates a barrier that makes the color outcome inconsistent. While receiving these services, you’re not “just” getting your hair done. Prepare to relax, heal and feel rejuvenated. The goal is to know how you want to feel, not how you want to look. 


You can call the salon @ (734)678-6652 or email My services have been simplified into 3 choices: 1, 2 or 3 hour color reservation times with the option of a blowout or haircut added onto the color appointment. I will no longer be taking reservation times longer than 4 hours so we can create a sustainable plan for your service goals. My services are $140/hour.

WHAT LEAD ME HERE…My passion for hair and beauty began when I was a tiny tot. I was always getting into my mom's makeup, brushing everyone’s hair, including my Barbie’s and dolls. I then found the scissors and started to cut said dolls and of course, my own bangs. I went to Douglas J Aveda Institute in Royal Oak, 2011. I started by specializing in styling and my passion for color theory grew and grew. I am most passionate about seamless haircolor, from fashion color to lived in blondes and naturals. Whether you are trying to cover greys, have rainbow hair or maintain the consistency of your self care, my mission is for you to receive services that are healthier for you while also having the luxury of relaxing. 

OUTSIDE THE SALON…I am very passionate about community and supporting those around me. When I’m not working, I am continuing to do those things. I also love cooking and practicing yoga. I miss traveling. Because of the pandemic we haven’t done much of that but we intend to get back to it on a more normal basis.

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